A Taxi Dancer is a professional dancing partner for people, who want to practise their dancing skills, refresh some dancing moves or just need an enjoyable time of dancing. In Vienna it is also very common to hire a Taxi Dancer for visiting a great and glamorous Viennese Ball and dance a whole ball night with a Taxi Dancer.

OTaxi Dancer Viennarigin of Taxi Dancing

Taxi Dancing originated in the early 1920’s in America when women worked in so called “dancehalls” and danced with their clients on a per dance base. This service is making a serious come back, mainly in Vienna, because of its famous dancing and ball culture. In Austria Taxi Dancer are hired and paid per hour and are professionals in a variety of dancing styles including Viennese Waltz, Tango, British Waltz, Samba, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive..etc. In this sense a “Taxi” Dancer is compareable with a real taxi-cab, which are paid per time – not driving but dancing. Taxi Dancing was borned.

The Viennese Taxi Dancer

The Viennese Taxi Dancer are the first point of contact for professional dance partnering in Austria / Vienna. All Viennese Taxi Dancers are graduates of the most famous Viennese dancing schools like Thomas Schäfer Elmayer, Stanek, Schwebach, Immervoll or Roman E. Svabek. Furthermore they visited numerous of Viennese Balls and attended a lot of opening ceremomnies as a debutante. If you need a Taxi Dancer you just need to send us an iquiry with all relevant information. Afterwards we will check the availability and respond as fast as possible. We hope you will enjoy a great time of dance.

– The Viennese Taxi Dancer